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Domain Name. There are profound implications when you buy domain name. For example, do you want the name of your target market, or the products or services to be in the domain name? Sometimes this can be a good idea, as long as you are smart about it.

If the domain name you are looking for is already taken (happens a lot), try putting a dash between the words (no spaces), often this domain name is available,and the good news is Google treats it the same as the domain name without the dashes in between the words! If you want to have us design and/or build your website, then it might be a good idea to get our input before you buy the domain name, just ask. When designing and building a website you may want to start with SEO before the wbesite is built, and indeed before even buying the domain name, rather than starting the SEO work afterwards, which is how most people seem to approach it, if they consider onsite SEO at all, which most people fail to do.

Domain Names

Domain Names. Domain names are a vital part of the marketing of your brand, product, service, cause, message, or website. Domain names should be chosen with great care, after weighing all the considerations. Domain names are an important part of hvaing your website turning up in Google Search engine results.

Before you buy domain names. When it comes to picking good domain names, often a good place to start is to use Google AdWords to see what the keyword traffic there is in the target market for the keywords you wish your website to rank for in Google search engine results. Make a list of these keywords, they are vital!

Then consider having one or more of those keywords form part of your domain names, in a logical way. You should also ahve them as the meta data and titles, headings, etc of your new websites (all part of on site SEO). If you are not comfortable doing all of this yourself, then perhaps you could arrange for us to do that for you? Raise a Support request and we can discuss it before you buy domain names.

Best Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting is a service that we offer in addition to domain names, either with or without a domain name. We offer a wide variety of best web hosting, and custom plans are available upon request. We like to think that we have the best web hosting. We can provide most any kind of best web hosting. So, please condsider us for all of your best web hosting needs. Pick the best web hosting.

Email Hosting

Email hosting is another service that we are able to offer. Email hosting can be with or without a domain name. Email hosting will allow your business, group, or ogranization to have email addresses which include your domain name, making your email acocunts look more professional and more business like. If you wish we can also provide dedicated IP addresses for your website hosting and email hosting. Our web hosting accounts usually come with e-mail accounts.