Before ordering a dedicated serverplease contact us by opening a Help Desk Ticket to discuss your needs and our availability of various models of dedicated servers

Grow your business with a Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server can be very useful. In fact we encourage them for any valid legitimate use. That said, we do not permit them to be used for the sending of 'spam e-mail' ('spam cannons') or for any 'dodgy' practices, so if that is why you are shopping for a dedicated server, please do not order one from us! If you have had a bad reputation with dedicated servers from other hosts, chances are good we will find about about that when we review your order. Orders for dedicated servers are reviewed, and not always approved. If not approved your money will be refunded with a day or two. If we receive spam complaints about your dedicated server, we might shut down the dedicated server, and may end up closing your account. When placing your order you must provide your true names and addresses, the use of fake ones are grounds for having your dedicated server taken offline. It is OK to be from outside the USA or Canada, etc, just be honest with us.

Before placing an order and paying any money, please contact us by opening a Help Desk / Support Ticket. Tell us what you are looking for in the way of a dedicated server, and in general terms, what you plan to use it for, and your budget. That way we can review you and your intended use, as well as our availability of dedicated servers, and reply to you hopefully with a dedicated server option which fits your needs and budget. Sorry for all the above 'negative' stuff, but we have had a few bad experiences with customers saying they wanted a dedicated server for one purpose then using it for something else, something inappropriate. The thing is we almost always find out when someone tries to 'snow' us.