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Who is the best web host? Why we are of course! At least, we think so. Best is not just about price. No, other factors matter a great deal as well. Having the cheapest host may mean that your website runs very slowly, or perhaps not at all! It can mean a lot of down time and problems etc. The best host is one with good prices, good up-time, good performance, and good support. We like to think that we are the best host. Try us for yourself and see.


best web hosts

What makes the best web hosts? It is not just price. Reliability is a major factor. Uptime also counts. The safety of your data matters a lot as well. (Though no matter whom you host with, always, always, always, have a full backup of your current website stored at home on your PC, laptop, or another device, and then a copy of that on a memory stick, one can never have too many backups!) Service and support count as well.