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WRS Web Solutions Inc.

WRS Builder is a Division of WRS Web Solutions Inc., which was incorporated in May 2010. It is a Federally incorporated company specializing in web solutions, (but open to other business lines). In addition, we do have skill sets in other areas. The name WRS Builder came from the original website builder that we offered in 2010.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. has three primary websites:

  • This website focuses on domain names, web hosting, do it yourself website builder, (or have us design and build a website for you), SSL certificates, e-mail services and related website services, to customers worldwide (with the exception that we are not promoting them to residents of the Province of Quebec, so as to better comply with the language laws there restricting the use of the English language).
  • Our www.wrswebsolutions.com website is a more of a company overview site.
  • Our www.wrswebsolutions.ca website is focused on selling high speed cable and DSL internet plans to Canadian residents in various provinces in Canada (only), including the Province of Quebec (bilingually, and with the intent of complying fully with the language laws).

Both this site and the www.wrswebsolutions.ca website provide online Help Desk Support. The company overview site does not, rather it provides links to the two Help Desks. You can reach us equally fast from either Help Desk. (We would suggest though that you use the appropiate Help Desk for the topic of your question or problem.)

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Other Skill Sets

In addition to the above business lines, we have skill sets in many areas, and just might be able to help you out in numerous other areas, on request.

Application Software development

Need a custom software application developed? We just might be the company to make that happen. Free no obligation quotes available.

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